Mock Jury Trials and Legal

Live and Online Mock Juries
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We are here to provide the mock jury trial transcription services that make it possible for you to read through and highlight key points of your proceedings. We can transcribe your recorded plaintiff and defense arguments, rebuttals, and closing statements, and all of your individual deliberation sessions. We transcribe both live mock juries and online mock jury focus groups.

Legal Transcription

At TranscriptionWing, we understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to legal transcripts. Our team of experienced transcribers and editors have worked with different court recordings - from personal injury claims to Workmen's compensation. Our three-tiered review process ensures that your transcripts are handled with consistent and precise attention to detail.

Some of Our Clients

What Our Clients
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Great certified documentation for the Florida Courts

"I was lied on by Lake County Florida Sheriffs Deputies on the stand. The Judge on the stand upheld the deputies. I filed an appeal asking for my "Notes of Testimony" during my trial. The trial judge denied my request stating that there were no Notes of Testimony. I contacted my attorney who went with me for my Evidentiary hearing and he had the trial cd. Transcription Wing extracted the disc to paper. I then filed with the 5DCA against the trial judge who stated on record that there were no Notes of Testimony. Now he, the state of Florida prosecutor and the Lake County Sheriffs Office has to answer to the 5DCA...!"

Excellnt work - recommended to others internally

"I had a couple highly detailed and complex PDF contracts that needed to be put into Word for updating. No one could find the original Word docs and these were ~5 pages each and would have been hours of work for me or another team member to transcribe. I explained my needs to Transcription Wing and they provided me, within a day, a perfect Word version of the PDF. I was then able to modify the Word version to what the client needed, sent to my Legal for approval, then to the client to assist in closing $500K in business. Huge win and recommended it to several colleagues."

Excellent Value

"I've worked with TranscriptionWing for a few years now, and I'm always very pleased with their service. Always on time, excellent value. My interviews tend to contain a lot of technical jargon and I can tell the person who is typing actually looks things up to get the spelling right. Impressive!"